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The Finest Fruits of the Fungi Kingdom.

Edible Kingdom Mushrooms

Special Mushrooms of Highest Quality grown in Wye, Kent.

We produce mushrooms of the highest quality for customers in East Kent and our neighbours around the South-East. We are setting out to use local resources (straw, woodchip, logs, etc.) and organic waste (like coffee grounds, brewers grain, etc.) to feed our fungi. In this way we can convert resources that would otherwise be lost to us back into healing and nutritious food for people.

Discover Our Mushrooms

As we develop our business there will be more and more variety to choose from.

Our Story

Eco-social change via taste and quality!

The way we nourish ourselves is broken.
The way we feed our bodies. mind, and spirit is broken.
Our food system is broken.

We all need to be part of the necessary changes to re-attune ourselves with the ecosystems we are part of. Joe and Philipp, alongside others, see huge opportunities in integrating more mushrooms into our diets. In 2018 they decided that the best way to do something about the manifold issues our society faces is to offer people a product that embodies the eco-social values that they are passionate about.

The way forward is by eating delicious food that is produced locally and in a way that promotos eco-social transformation.

The mushrooms convince…

… people that love food, cook food, sell food.

There is really no comparison between these and what you can buy in a supermarket.


Stephy: 3 days in a row of Edible Kingdom meals. Thanks. Philipp: 🙂 tired of them yet? Stephy: Nope. Great taste and texture.