Taste & Quality

Food needs to nourish us in more than one way.

Obviously, it needs to give us the nutrients our bodies need to function. However, it also needs to contribute to our quality of life. It can do so by pleasing our taste buds. It can do so by healing our natural environments (that we depend on for our sustenance). It can do so by connecting us to the place we call home.

By choosing to cook, sell, and eat Edible Kingdom mushrooms you are supporting a business that cares deeply about the eco-social environments it is part of.

Eco-social health

The way we treat each other and our environment are intrinsically linked. Any business has eco-social responsibilities and at Edible Kingdom we are working to promote health in all domains.

Making ethical choices with our wallets is easy when speciality mushrooms, grown in a local, low-tech way, are on the menu. Studies have shown that the fungi kingdom (that produces mushrooms as its fruiting bodies) has large potential for taking a more prominent role in our diets; it has been shown that this has sustainability benefits, nutrition benefits, and potential health benefits.

Meet our Team

Edible Kingdom is a small group of like-minded people that want to make a tangible difference to the way we feed nourish each other’s health. We are always keen to meet people that share this passion!

Meet our Team